Uganda is arguably Africa’s richest birding destination, with an impressive 1063 species identified.

Each of the country’s national parks provides an impressive list of both residents and visitors, with most life-lists capable of being increased by 100 or more species in each. Mega-ticks (the fraternity’s name for prized sightings) include shoebill storks, Rwenzori and great blue turacos, African finfoots and African green broadbill, amongst many, many more.

For the enthusiast, Uganda’s diverse environments from the snowcapped Rwenzoris, to the Albertine Rift Valley, from the montane forests of the Virunga mountains to the desert plains in Kidepo – all provide outstanding and varied birding. Uganda’s species are visible, varied and colourful enough to excite even the most “occasional” birdwatcher and add enjoyment to a more general safari.

Whilst most of Uganda’s DMCs are able to access excellent birding guides, there is a select set of true birding specialist operators who offer exceptional trips focused on birding.


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