Often heard long before they are sighted, over 5000 of man’s closest relatives are believed to live within Uganda’s forests. There are habituated communities in a number of parks and reserves, where clients are able to spend an hour in their company.

Their distinctive cries can be heard through the trees, helping to lead trackers to their whereabouts. With smaller groups splintered away from a larger community, it’s usual to encounter anything form a solitary individual to around 10 or 12 chimpanzees as they rest, feed, forage or fornicate.

It’s usual for the chimps to be fairly mobile, so even when they are found it’s likely that they will continue to move through the undergrowth or up in the tree canopy.

There is also the opportunity to join the Chimpanzee Habituation Project at Kibale, whereby guests can stay with the apes from nesting to nesting, following their behaviours throughout the day.

Kalinzu is a much talked about new destination, close to Maramagambo Forest with 40 habituated chimps to be found.


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