Uganda has 30-plus different indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups, and an equally diverse mosaic of music, art and handicrafts. To promote this there are numerous cultural centres across the country which your DMC can incorporate into itineraries.

The country’s most ancient inhabitants, confined to the southwest, in the forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga are the Batwa and Bambuti Pygmies – the hunter-gatherer cultures that once occupied the forests.

Buganda is renowned for distinct ceremonial occasions – some of their best known include the initiation of twins (okwalula abalongo), and last funeral rite (okwabya olumbe).

The Basoga tribe dance the Tamenhaibunga – “friends drink together but do not fight in case they break the cup”, used to express the value and fragility of love and friendship.

The Entogoro is danced by Banyoro and Batooro of western Uganda. This takes its name from the pod rattles that boys tie on their legs to make different rhythms as they dance. The Kitagururo is characterised by energetic stampings of the feet and swirling arm movements, performed by the Banyankole and Bakiga tribes in the southwest.


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