Many clients visit East Africa primarily to see wildlife and within Uganda there are 10 national parks.

Uganda uniquely offers the “Big 7” (the usual Big 5, plus Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzee, with Rhino present at the Ziwa Sanctuary) and it has at least five outstanding “Big Game” parks in Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP), Murchison Falls, Semliki, Lake Mburo and Kidepo.

Of the large cats, a healthy lion population exists in QENP, Murchison and Kidepo, whilst the frequency of leopard sightings in QENP and Lake Mburo reflects continued success by UWA. Cheetahs are to be found in Kidepo. Elephants, buffalos, zebras and giraffes are seen in various parks and a diverse set of antelopes are present – including Uganda Kob, Eland, Kudu, (Jackson’s) Hartebeest, Waterbucks, Sitatunga and Impala. Uganda’s primate offering is exceptional – with host of species to be seen.

Whilst most of Uganda’s DMCs are able to access excellent birding guides, there is a select set of true birding specialist operators who offer exceptional trips focused on birding.


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