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Arguably Africa’s premier chimpanzee encounters are the obvious highlight at Kibale – either via “standard” morning or afternoon chimp treks, or the full-day “nest-to-nest” habituation programme, but Kibale also offers outstanding birding and primate walks in the nearby community-owned project at Bigodi. The walk lasts around two to three hours on a 4.5km circular trail. During our last visit we saw an impressive 8 of the 13 resident primate species, which is not unusual. The area is Africa’s most diverse primate location.

With over 120 chimps in the main habituated community, the chances of memorable encounters are very high at Kibale, whilst entertaining night-time nature walks into the national park give the chance to glimpse pottos, geladas and chameleons.


Chimpanzee trekking
Chimpanzee habituation
Bigodi Wetlands walk
Night walks in the forest
Numerous stunning crater lakes in the area


We’d recommend two to three nights.


One of our favourite parts of Africa – due to those amazing chimp encounters. The Bigodi walk is also a must-do activity, with fabulous birding and so many different primates on show. It’s also nice to interact with the local community, too.

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