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There’s a diverse range of activities in this small, but perfectly formed national park (260km2), especially rewarding boat trips on the lake itself and terrific walking safaris in the picturesque environments.

The lake is especially good for birdwatchers, with almost guaranteed views of the African finfoot, whilst a breeding pair of shoebills reside in the swampier areas.

The park is home to Uganda’s only population of impala, large numbers of zebra, plus plenty of other plains game species, including eland and newly re-introduced giraffe. Due to the lack of lion, the plentiful game is very relaxed which helps explain why the walking safaris are so good (to the best of our knowledge, offered nowhere else). Horseback safaris are also available.


Boat safaris on the lake
Horse safaris
Walking safaris
Quad-bike adventures
Mountain biking
Day and night game-drives (for increasingly seen leopards)
The Igongo Cultural Centre, which focuses upon the Ankole Kingdom


We’d recommend a stay of at least one night, ideally two at Lake Mburo.


Too often seen as just a stop-off between Kampala and gorilla trekking, Lake Mburo offers more than enough delights to justify a proper visit.

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