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The park protects an unspoilt 220km² of rainforest along the Congolese border into Lake Albert. The tropical forest supports a wealth of wildlife unseen elsewhere in East Africa, including 11 mammals (the Water Chevotain deer, two species of flying squirrel and six types of bats) and more than 35 bird species out of its total of over 400.

Semliki is one of the most reliable sites to see shoebill, often at closer quarters. Despite all of this, the park is far less visited, even by birding groups, who should also be drawn to the Red Monkey Trail and Kirimia River Trail.

The popular Sempaya Hot Springs are accessed via a short guided walk, but visitors need to be wary as the geyser sprays water up to 2m high and at a temperature of over 100°C.


Scenic drives
Game drives
Sempaya Hot Springs
Birding (including Kirimia River Trail) Chimpanzee treks
Boat trips on Lake albert
Guided nature walks (inc. Red Monkey Trail)


One to two nights.


Being off the beaten track is part of the attraction of Semliki to us.

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